Coptic Museum The Coptic museum is located in Old, or Coptic Cairo and is very often on the itinerary of many tours. In fact, the area is called Coptic Cairo because there are a number of ancient churches in the area that will enhance one's visit to the museum. The largest collection of Coptic artifacts and the most significant collection of Coptic art in the world are found in this museum and include 16,000 pieces. The Old Wing of the museum is a fine piece of architecture consisting of a series of large rooms. One of the museum's most prized holdings is a manuscript collection of the Nag Hammadi library (popularly known as the Gnostic Gospels). Access to the library is restricted, but several folios, scrolls, and a sublime Book of Psalms dating from the 4th century are on display You can read more about the museum at: The Egyptian Coptic Festivals St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Winnipeg