The purpose of this society is to promote and raise awareness of the Coptic Culture in Canada through Cultural Festivals, Publications of articles in the appropriate media, and similar activities. Membership is open to all Coptic Community members in Canada and the United States of America. There are no membership fees, but donations are greatly appreciated. The business of this organization is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of [6] members. At least two of the directors elected are residents of Manitoba and citizens of Canada. The Board of Directors Father Marcos Farag of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church is the board’s Advisor. Eng. Saher Kilada President Dr. Adel Shenouda Secretary Dr. Hoda Maurice Treasurer Eng. Adel Nakhla Director Dr. Adel Awadalla                             Director Mr. George Abraham                        Director Mr. George Hanna Director Mrs. Sophy Louka                             Member-at-Large Mr. Maher Fouad, CGA                      Member-at-Large
The Egyptian Coptic Festivals St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Winnipeg